Organization and Leadership ...

For us, it is all about communication -- starting with you and then with staff, customers, and stakeholders: your plan to achieve your goals.

En Route Communication provides leadership coaching and support and a full range of organizational consulting, strategic product and placement planning, and related creative content services. Our team are certified orgnizational consultants with 20 to 30 years of experience in business practices including leadership and professional coaching, marketing and communications, project management, information technology, strategic planning and policy, and strategic staff operations. We also enjoy a broad network of contacts and collaborators, ensuring we can bring to bear just exactly the right expertise for your situation. Our goal is always to help you make a difference for your staff, customers, stakeholders, and/or target audience.

Your story to your goals...

We start by listening to your concerns and making sure we understand your objectives. Working with you at every step, we will make a plan to maximize your success. Depending on your needs, we can conduct research; work with your staff, partners, stakeholders, and even customers; and then propose the right action to advance your goals. We can produce reports and plans, manage your meetings, facilitiate negotiations, and/or plan and support process changes. We can even help with production and management of creative content or customer-focused projects. We don't like drama any more than you do; our focus will never waver from your needs and objectives.

Creative solutions and products...

The En Route Communication team also has the skills to produce a variety of creative content including writing, photography, and web design. These skills are often leveraged for our clients, reducing the need to contract for creative content.

Clients and publishers we have worked with include:

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Leadership Coaching & Support
Our team has been coaching and supporting leaders and leadership teams for over 15 years. With a wealth of experience in organizations of all sizes, we are prepared to help with services ranging from research and decision support to one-on-one or team-based coaching and staff development in support of your particular mission and clients.
Organization & Change
Our team has years of experience and hold certificates in organizational process and change management. We are also certified to employ a full range of organization and personal assessment tools such as the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and more.
Meetings & Facilitation
We are trained and certified as facilitiators and professional trainers. With decades of experience, we are ready to facilitate your decision meeting, develop and deliver your training, plan and manage your conference, or even develop and train for presentation best practices and standards
Project Management
Our team has been recognized as expert practitioners and trainers for project management best practices and have two decades' experience running projects including development and installation of information technology, system operations and maintenance, and large-scale facilities and technical acquisitions. We are ready to help you determine and apply the best practices to fit your specific project, whether valued in the thousands or the millions..
Creative Content
Over years of practice our team has gained presentation and content creation skills in a number of disciplines. This allows us to provide full service to support your team under your full control, without needing to outsource management of your creative content.
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En Route Communication is a woman-owned small business
Our consulting services fall within NAICS code 541611.